Human Microbiome Project publications released

Two Nature papers, over a dozen PLoS papers, and additional work from our group in Nature Methods and Genome Biology has been released by the Human Microbiome Project, with much positive coverage. Many, many thanks and congratulations to the (literally!) hundreds of researchers responsible for the Project, and for the positive feedback we've already received from so many sources.

My group's honored to be one of the representatives of the HMP Consortium, and all of these publications are the work of hundreds of people over multiple years. Science takes a village these days, and none of these publications would have been possible without hard work from dozens of groups around the country. There are several folks here in the lab who did the real work:

Nicola Segata Nicola Segata
Levi Waldron Levi Waldron
Vagheesh Narasimhan Vagheesh Narasimhan
Fah Sathirapongsasuti Fah Sathirapongsasuti

Although I could list dozens of collaborators in the project and the microbiome generally that it's been tremendously fun to work with, just those here in Boston include:

And finally, the five major centers in the HMP really carried the project:

Want to know more about the science instead of my lists of names and thanks? Check out the papers!