Curtis Huttenhower Curtis Huttenhower Principal Investigator (CV)
Research Staff
Xochitl Morgan Xochitl Morgan Research Scientist
Eric Franzosa Eric Franzosa Research Associate (CV)
Minah Iqbal Minah Iqbal Project Manager
Lauren McIver Lauren McIver Senior Software Developer
George Weingart George Weingart Software Developer
Galeb Abu-Ali Galeb Abu-Ali Bioinformatics Analyst
Postdoctoral Fellows
Aleksandar Kostic Aleksandar Kostic Postdoctoral Fellow, joint with Ramnik Xavier
Gholamali Rahnavard Gholamali Rahnavard Postdoctoral Fellow
Melanie Schirmer Melanie Schirmer Postdoctoral Fellow, joint with Ramnik Xavier
Alexandra Sirota-Madi Alexandra Sirota-Madi Postdoctoral Fellow, joint with Ramnik Xavier
Ayshwarya Subramanian Ayshwarya Subramanian Postdoctoral Fellow
Graduate Students
Tiffany Hsu Tiffany Hsu PhD Student, Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Boyu Ren Boyu Ren PhD Student, Biostatistics Department
Emma Schwager Emma Schwager PhD Student, Biostatistics Department
Koji Yasuda Koji Yasuda PhD Student, Biological Sciences in Public Health
Siyuan Ma Siyuan Ma PhD Student, Harvard School of Public Health
Research Assistants
Casey DuLong Casey DuLong Research Assistant
Jim Kaminski Jim Kaminski Research Assistant
Randall Schwager Randall Schwager Research Assistant
Andy Shi Andy Shi Undergraduate Student, Faculty of Arts and Science
Lab Affiliates
Moran Yassour Moran Yassour Postdoctoral Fellow, joint with Xavier lab
Luc Bijnens Luc Bijnens Senior Director Biostatistics and Janssen Fellow, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson
Tommi Vatanen Tommi Vatanen Visiting PhD Student, Aalto University/Broad Institute (2013)

Most of the lab, 04-12-2013
Not-quite-all of the lab, July 2014/>
Afrah Shafquat Project Manager/Bioinformatics Analyst; now at Cornell University
Keith Bayer Senior Software Developer; now at HMS
Michelle Archuleta Postdoctoral Fellow, joint with Ramnik Xavier (07/2012-07/2013)
Soumya Banerjee Postdoctoral Fellow, Now at Brigham and Women's Hospital (01/2014-09/2014)
Daniela Boernigen Postdoctoral Fellow (www); now at UChicago (01/2012-07/2013)
Regina Joice Postdoctoral Fellow; now at Emory University (07/2013-01/2015)
Chengwei Luo Postdoctoral Fellow, joint with Dirk Gevers
Pinaki Sarder Postdoctoral Fellow; now at Washington University (XX/XX-XX/XX)
Nicola Segata Postdoctoral Fellow; now at University of Trento (02/2012-11/2012)
Tim Tickle Postdoctoral Fellow (www, LinkedIn); now at the Broad Institute (01/2012-02/2014)
Levi Waldron Postdoctoral Fellow, joint with Giovanni Parmigiani; now at CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College (01/2012-07/2013)
Kasia Baranowski PhD Rotation Student, Biological Sciences in Public Health (11/2012-01/2013)
David Gootenberg MD/PhD Rotation Student, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (01/2013-02/2013)
Anna G. Green PhD Rotation Student, Systems Biology (12/2013- 02/2014)
Yvonne Hua PhD Rotation Student, Biological and Biomedical Sciences (03/2013-05/2013)
Jessica Lau PhD Student, Immunology and Infectious Diseases Department(09/2014-12/2014)
Sydney Lavoie PhD Rotation Student, Immunology (07/2013-09/2013)
Joshua Reyes PhD Student, Systems Biology Program; now at Kayak (01/2012-04/2013)
Fah Sathirapongsasuti PhD Student, Biostatistics Department; now with John Quackenbush (02/2012-11/2013)
Shirlee Wohl PhD Rotation Student, Systems Biology, Harvard University (04/2014-06/2014)
Wesley Wong PhD Rotation Student, Biological Sciences in Public Health (10/2013-12/2013)
Jingyuan Fu Visiting Associate Professor, University Medical Center Groningen (01/2015-XX/2015)
Craig Bielski Master's Student; now at the Broad Institute (10/2012-11/2012)
Vagheesh Narasimhan Master's Student, Biostatistics Department (01/2012-05/2013)
Kevin (Keunyoung) Oh Master's Student, Biostatistics Department(12/2012-11/2014)
Yoolee Shin Master's Student, Statistics Department (XX/XX-XX/XX)
Taylor Friedman Undergraduate Student, Hamilton College (03/2013-08/2013)
Ren (Yiren) Lu Undergraduate Student, Harvard University (09/2012-06/2013)
Jacob Pritt Undergraduate Student, Harvard University (XX/XX-XX/XX)
Roman Stolyarov Undergraduate Student, Harvard University (07/2013-08/2013)
Amy Tai Undergraduate Student, Harvard University (XX/XX-XX/XX)
Felix Jouwai Wong Undergraduate Student, Harvard University (11/2012-05/2013)
Gerrod Voigt Undergraduate Student, MIT (05/2014-09/2014)
Muneeza Patel Undergraduate Student, MIT EECS (01/2015-02/2015)
Ben Ganzfried Research Assistant; now with Giovanni Parmigiani (XX/XX-XX/XX)
Larissa Miropolsky Bioinformatics Research Software Developer; now at AgaMatrix (XX/XX-XX/XX)
Brian Palmer Research Informatics Developer, Harvard School of Public Health (09/2012-05/2013)
Morgan Paull Research Assistant, Harvard University (2013); now PhD Candidate, Stanford University (06/2013-98/2013)
Willythssa Pierre-Louis Summer Research Assistant, CATALYST SCTRP (XX/XX-XX/XX)
Jovian Yu Research Assistant, Brown University; now at Brown Medical School (02/2012-08/2012)
Joseph (Yo Sup) Moon Research Assistant (03/2012-09/2014)
Floris Imhann Visiting Researcher, University of Groningen (Rinse Weersma) (2014)
Georgina Hold Faculty, University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK) (2014)
Jean Huang Faculty, Olin College
Yael Haberman Physician, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Puneet Puri Assistant Professor of Medicine, Center for Digestive Health, VCU Medical Center (2014)
Bing Ma Postdoctoral Fellow, Ravel lab
Hyun Sun Yun Postdoctoral Fellow, Ko lab
Kevin Lee Ph.D. Student, Microbiology, University of Waikato and GNS Science (New Zealand)
Mi Young Lim PhD Student, Ko lab
Alyx Shubert PhD Student, Schloss lab
Kathryn Winglee Summer Visiting Researcher, with BROAD Institute (2014)